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December 11, 2023

Andermatt Canada and Cohort Wholesale have reached an agreement for Cohort Wholesale to lead the commercialization of new CeraSulfur liquid sulfur fungicide across the Canadian horticultural market.


While raw and formulated dry sulfurs are commonly used in Canadian fruit and vegetable production. CeraSulfur  will be the firstregenerative liquid sulfur available to Canadian farmers.  Like other liquid products, farmers will appreciate how quickly and easily CeraSulfur loads and mixes in their spray tanks while also providing excellent disease control. 


“Farmers will benefit from the hydrophilic nature of this product and what it offers mixing in the spray tank,” commented Colin Smith, Andermatt Canada sales and market manager.  “At the same time, the Cohort Wholesale team will do a great job introducing CeraSulfur to the Canadian horticultural market.”


“The use of the older, dry sulfur fungicides is widespread, particularly by grape growers, because they work well,” observed Trevor Latta, Cohort Wholesale manager. “New CeraSulfur will allow farmers to experience all the benefits of formulated sulfur while addressing the primary complaint with those older products – the inconvenience and challenge of loading and mixing.”


CeraSulfur has been approved by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) for use in outdoor fruit and vegetable crops, such as grapes and greenhouse tomato and cucumbers. At the same time, Cohort Wholesale’s technical sales team will be working with growers and their crop input retailers to establish CeraSulfur demonstration sites across Canada.


Source: Cohort Wholesale December 12, 2023 news release



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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 11 December 2023