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February 12, 2024

Naïo Technologies, leader in agricultural robotics, and CAMSO, specialized in rubber tracks and track systems, have launched a Research and Development partnership to offer farmers and wine growers new work tools, meeting the demand for productivity and reduction of environmental impacts.


“The R&D contract between CAMSO and Naïo, initiated for more than a year, has brought great results during the first stages of this partnership. The two companies are now running a second, multiyear phase, including factory technical testing and on field trials with producers, “explains Gaëtan Séverac,” cofounder of Naïo Technologies. "Through this partnership, CAMSO is looking for technical challenges and innovation. We are keen to pool our know-how and share with Naïo our expertise in testing processes and, more especially, respect for soils,” adds Caroline Schoenhenz, agriculture product leader at Michelin Group.


This work aims to adapt tracks on agricultural robots for more flotation, more accessibility and flexibility in the field, while reducing carbon emissions. The Naïo & CAMSO R&D teams moved forward together on a draft of electrically driven tracks. Naïo brings its expertise in Augmented Autonomy technologies (accurate autoguidance, safety of crops and people, connectivity), within a certified legal framework. For its part, CAMSO provides its know-how in materials to offer high-performance products specifically designed to meet agricultural market’s requirements.


CAMSO technologies developed in this partnership could be deployed, in the medium term, on Naïo Technologies robots but also on other agricultural machines.


Whatever the production systems, agricultural practices are evolving towards increased use of mechanical weeding. Increasing the number and frequency of passes is a concern for producers and they want to lower as much as possible the impact of the running gears on the ground - not forgetting numerous weather hazards, which can prevent heavy tractors with implements from working in the fields. Naïo Technologies has always aimed for robots with the lowest possible unladen weight and wishes to go even further to reduce compaction for each pass.


The two companies are collaborating to bring more productivity, while promoting decarbonisation and the preservation of resources and soil.



Source:  Naïo Technologies February 7, 2024 news release


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Submitted by Karen Davidson on 12 February 2024