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Ontario’s VQA sparkling wine sales have increased by 60 per cent in the last fiscal year, reflecting two trends. First, consumers crave unique, locally-produced wines. But secondly, the quality of Canadian sparkling wines is appreciated by wine connoisseurs. Winemaker Mary McDermott (L) and wine scientist Belinda Kemp anticipate a taste test of the 2012 batch of sparkling wine at Trius Winery at Hillebrand, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Photos by Denis Cahill.

Spend your silver on Canadian sparklers

 Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Shun the French Champagne. Ditch the Spanish cava. Go for the Canuck sparkler. Two years in the making, a flute of bubbles is well priced at $25 per bottle. Winemakers from British Columbia’s Blue Mountain winery, for example, to Nova Scotia’s Benjamin Bridge are now sprucing up … [read more]

Windsor-Essex tour showcases business opportunities

Windsor, Ontario -- One quarter of all Canada’s trade – worth about $120 billion annually - flows to the United States at the Windsor-Detroit border. With frequent bottlenecks at the Ambassador Bridge, it’s no small wonder that the summer 2015 deadline looms large to complete the $1.4 billion construction of … [read more]

To be thankful and appreciative…

  Throughout the year there seems to be hardly any time to reflect on what we have done, what we plan to achieve and what results have come because of our efforts. At this time of … [read more]

Can science be as fun as farming?

Was science “cool” to you when you were growing up? It wasn’t for me. I thought it was interesting, but not particularly fun. Things have changed, though – and quickly -- especially among young people. A … [read more]

Optical sorter saves labour, improves wine quality

 Any year is a good year for optical sorting equipment. However this was a perfect year for installing a Pellenc Vision 2 optical sorter along with a destemmer and petiole remover. This year’s Ontario grape … [read more]

‘Kid-friendly’ green and red table grapes are in the future

 If the colour blue could be tasted, it would taste like the Sovereign Coronation grape. Dusky, rich and tending towards tart, this seedless table grape is a harbinger of the wine grapes yet to … [read more]

Selecting rootstocks for blended wines at heart of new winery

 Nova Scotia’s newest winery is Planters Ridge, a lovingly restored 150-year old barn on property that dates back to the 1760s. The name is a nod to the New England Planter families who put down … [read more]

Quality driven by research in B.C.’s wine industry

PAM BOWEN While the British Columbia wine industry has experienced steady and impressive growth over the last two decades, it has maintained strong investment in research with priorities focused on disease and pest management, grape and … [read more]

Fungicide resistance management – know the numbers!

 WENDY McFADDEN-SMITH In the past few years, grape growers have gained access to many new fungicide chemistries, allowing greater choice in product. However, this has also made the selection of fungicides much more challenging. … [read more]

Remembering how to make it better

 As I prepare this, my 179th column for The Grower on Remembrance Day, I think back on all those who have helped make the business of horticulture ‘work’ for the many growers across Ontario and … [read more]

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