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Global processing giant Bonduelle contracts about 90,000 acres of vegetables in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta for processing into frozen and canned foods at eight plants. South of the border, Bonduelle operates three processing and one packaging plant. Look at a map and they’re all clustered around the Great Lakes. The company is an interesting case study of the opportunities and threats on both sides of the border. Gary (left) and Russell Woolley along with Bonduelle’s agricultural technical program manager, Jennifer Thompson, sample the August pea harvest at Springfield, Ontario. Photos by Glenn Lowson.

Climate change or business climate: what’s the bigger threat?

 Springfield, Ontario –Think of peas and the ubiquitous Green Giant brand comes to mind. Global processor Bonduelle supplies peas for that brand yet chances are, its name doesn’t register high awareness in agriculture. But it should. With eight vegetable processing plants in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta, it contracts 90,000 acres … [read more]

Time-starved consumers migrate to online produce

 The fresh produce industry is ripe for disruption. Compared to many markets in developed countries, digital commerce is lagging in Canada. But expect that trend to change as time-starved consumers buy more vegetables and fruit online. Three months ago, Google Express launched a delivery service in San Francisco and … [read more]

Work smarter, not harder with digital

 Think of tech years as dog years. That’s Kelly Ward’s advice to those using social media. The universe is evolving so quickly that Facebook, launched in 2004, now has 1.8 billion active monthly users worldwide. … [read more]

Carbon, economics, food security and climate change

 Between the years of 2006 to 2012 there was a massive drought in Syria. Around 1.6 million farmers and rural inhabitants migrated towards the cities. Previous to this, nearly 1.5 million people had migrated, displaced … [read more]

Are you blue or are you seeing red?

  We are now a few weeks into a new federal government, with a majority government in place. To many, this was indeed a shock as the general feeling was that there was going to be … [read more]

The Canada brand will make your commodity more lucrative

 Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is just back from a trade mission to China, with $2.5 billion in agreements. Not all of them are agricultural, but some are. And further, they’re directly connected to the perception … [read more]

Phosphorus management – What really has to change?

BRUCE KELLY Those in agriculture are being asked by both the provincial and federal government to reduce the amount of phosphorus that runs into Lake Erie by 40 per cent. This does not mean a 40 … [read more]

Category managers will change

  One of the realities of the food business is that you need to embrace change. The consumer is constantly changing and the retailers are trying to keep up which impacts suppliers. Another reality is that … [read more]

Questions about phosphorous are outstanding in the field

Lake Erie is ground zero for new environmental monitoring in Ontario. Concern over the health of the lake was renewed in 2014 when toxic algal blooms caused the city of Toledo, Ohio to stop intakes … [read more]

7 tips on creating and maintaining attractive websites

Anyone remember what happened on April 21, 2015? That’s the day Google changed the algorithms on its search engine, placing a higher ranking on websites that are mobile-friendly. For any business that counts on consumer … [read more]

Significance of data

  There has recently been a report released in Quebec that reveals what on the surface appears to be a serious pesticide issue. Their environmental monitoring programs have revealed increased levels of certain pesticides in soil … [read more]

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