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After a cold-busting winter and late frost, blueberry season is now in high gear at EZ Grow Farms near Langton, Ontario. Dusty Zamecnik, center, enjoys a taste test with father Darryl and mother Helen. Photos by Glenn Lowson.

Surviving fire and ice without a meltdown

 Langton, Ontario – According to the Book of Horticulture, there are four horsemen of the apocalypse: winterkill, disease, insects and fire. The Zamecnik family at EZ Grow Farms Ltd has survived all of these in the last year. The family home burned in a devastating fire January 7, … [read more]

To whom it may concern: deemed trust clarified

 The issue of a deemed trust has been studied for more than two years as a file under the Harper/Obama-inspired Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC). At the files’ conclusion, many conventional tools had been examined to address insolvency losses. Factoring, pooling, check-offs and insurance were all studied and dismissed as not … [read more]

Election time is coming. Ask the right questions

 It does not seem long ago that Ontario was in the throes of a provincial election, but the current government under Premier Kathleen Wynne has been in power now for more than a year. They … [read more]

Premier: Capitalize on innovation and new opportunities

  On a rare warm and sunny afternoon this summer, I was fortunate to be part of a very small entourage featuring Premier Kathleen Wynne, visiting Koskamp Family Farms near Stratford. Brothers Henry and Fred and … [read more]

Government of Canada launches consultations on phosphorus targets to protect Lake Erie

 BRUCE KELLY “The Great Lakes are a vast shared resource containing a significant portion of the world’s fresh water. They provide the foundation for billions of dollars in economic activity, and they are a direct source … [read more]

Increase your chance of success with a new item

 Developing and introducing a new item is one of the most exciting opportunities in the food industry. It continues to amaze me as we see new innovative items all the time. Just when you think … [read more]

Beware of CO2 accumulation in ‘Empire’ apple storage rooms during loading

 JENNIFER DeELL The objective of this study was to investigate the development of external CO2 injury in ‘Empire’ apples during storage room loading. Effects of cooling rate and SmartFresh were also studied. ‘Empire’ apples were … [read more]

Block-style pallets with four-way access by forklifts prove efficient

 Ralph Waldo Emerson had a point. The 19th-century innovator said if you build a better mousetrap, the world would beat a path to your door. That’s what is happening with pallets, the ubiquitous wooden crates … [read more]

Lessons learned need to be remembered

  Long ago I had the ‘opportunity’ to adjudicate conflicts that arose from a piece of provincial regulation. It soon became apparent that the most furor occurred when one neighbour tried to use the legislation as … [read more]

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