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Like strings of pristine pearls, these tomatoes on the vine promise premium prices here in Canada and in the U.S. Seventy per cent of Ontario’s greenhouse vegetable production is exported to the U.S. The dive in the value of the Canadian dollar should help business, although competition between Canadians in the U.S. is fierce. Here, Fabio Castelli, greenhouse operations, inspects the crop in a Mastronardi Produce facility in Kingsville, Ontario. Photos by Glenn Lowson.

Charting the flight of Canadian greenhouse investment to the U.S.

  Geography matters. Or more to the point, policy and tax jurisdictions matter. While Ontario greenhouse vegetable growers expanded their domestic acreage by six per cent to 2553 acres in 2014, they made far larger investments in the United States. Statistics aren’t readily available of their total footprint in the U.S., … [read more]

High-efficiency sprayer wins Innovation Award

  For the third year, the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention (OFVC) has held an Innovation Award competition for exhibitors to honour the most worthy innovation in horticulture. This year’s winner is a high-efficiency sprayer, the HSS CF2000. Imported from Holland’s Hol Spray Systems, Provide Agro is now carrying the line … [read more]

Onion prices barely cover cost of production

 Holland Marsh farmers are complaining that Washington State yellow onions are landing at the Ontario Food Terminal at record low prices. At $8 to $10 per 50-lb bag, this wholesale price barely covers the cost … [read more]

Trust science? There should be no question

 History is a great teacher. Unfortunately, ignoring its truths makes a poor student. Changing its truths creates a foolish student. When a student ignores the truth, the student becomes a blind follower. When a … [read more]

Beware: policies have unintended consequences

  Horticulture is part of a very diverse ecosystem that must be complementary to the environment, because at the end of the day, growers must have an excellent environment in which to produce their crops. In … [read more]

A tropical opportunity to pick your own and lend a hand

 If you love talking about farming – and who doesn’t? -- meet Val Kempadoo. Kempadoo rose through the ranks as an organic farmer and later as a Caribbean-wide nursery owner. Now he’s a successful real … [read more]

How to sustain our soils in 2015 and beyond

BRUCE KELLY The United Nations (UN) General Assembly has declared 2015 the International Year of Soil, with a different theme each month. The theme for March is “Soils Support Agriculture.” The declaration by the UN is a … [read more]

Get the most out of your face-to-face meetings

  The most valuable time with your retail customers is the face-to-face time. You can share your plans, understand what they are trying to accomplish and most importantly read their reactions to your message. It is … [read more]

‘Tax’ time

  March is tax time and since it is just around the corner, money (or the lack of it!) is on the mind of most of us these days. Perhaps even more important is to know … [read more]

Measure, analyze and adjust water resources

 Too little rain, too much rain, too little heat, too much heat. These are the proverbial complaints of farmers. As shrewd as farmers are about the weather, there’s more to be learned. Even in a … [read more]

Control of spotted wing drosophila requires more research

GREG LOEB and DALE ILA RIGGS The invasive species Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) Drosophila suzukii is causing significant economic damage to soft-skinned fruit crops in New York state and much of the U.S. Unlike other fruit … [read more]

Understanding the life cycle of western flower thrips is critical to control

 Invisible to the naked eye, western flower thrips have the potential to decimate your strawberry crop. In the 2012 growing season, brothers Jeff and Dan Tigchelaar battled western flower thrips near Vineland, Ontario in what … [read more]

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