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Rod Wheeler (right) and foreman Artemio Zarate-Garcia, inspect a freshly cut cabbage at Procyk Farms, Wilsonville, Ontario. Behind this hard-working contingent are another 300 Mexican workers who have finished the tomato, zucchini, pepper and sweet corn harvest. As of October 1, their minimum wages rise to $11.25 per hour. Productivity counts. No wonder they handle two cabbages at a time. Photos by Glenn Lowson.

Six Canadian provinces to raise minimum wage Oct. 1

 Wilsonville, Ontario –During peak harvest season, there are 306 offshore workers at Procyk Farms. On October 1, they’ll receive a boost when the Ontario minimum wage moves from $11 to $11.25 per hour. For this farm, that’s $3442 per hour in labour costs to pick the humble cruciferous vegetable: cabbage. … [read more]

State-of-the-art equipment points to future of precision farming

Woodstock, Ontario -- Let’s hope that the sunny skies shining on this year’s Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show (COFS) is a predictor for good economic times ahead. Kubota Canada Ltd. is betting big on a robust agricultural sector. The company opened a permanent event centre at the Woodstock, Ontario site and … [read more]

All eyes on Prince Edward Island’s 4R Nutrient Stewardship Program

 With three years of demonstration plots under his belt, potato farmer Alvin Keenan is convinced that 4R Nutrient Stewardship is improving yields and quality of his potatoes. That’s in addition to goals of minimizing … [read more]

Talking turkey about the Canadian election

 This Thanksgiving, politics will be the main course. In a three-way race too close to call for October 19, Canadians will be sitting down to a feast of debate. But there’s one number that … [read more]

Grateful for every plate full

 In November of 1621, the three-day feast after a first successful corn harvest was celebrated by the Pilgrims along with allied Native Americans. It is considered the first Thanksgiving meal for North America. The second … [read more]

Voting: a right and a responsibility

 The horticulture industry, like many industries, is directly impacted by the policies of all levels of government (municipal, regional, provincial and federal) as well as those from international jurisdictions. Because we are going through … [read more]

Passion is fuelling new ag women’s network

  About one-quarter of all Canadian farmers are women. But the number of Canadian women operators under 35 years old is dwindling – like their male counterparts of all ages, their legion is less than half … [read more]

Getting really wet while measuring irrigation system performance

BRUCE KELLY In early September, we headed to Cookstown Greens to do an evaluation of an irrigation system. I was invited by OMAFRA irrigation engineer Rebecca Shortt and Katie Gibb of Enviro-Stewards to tag along and … [read more]

Develop relationships beyond the category manager

This month we will discuss the opportunity to build relationships with different parts of your customer’s organization. The category manager is the key point of contact, however there are many other people in the organization … [read more]

Cooled cucumbers are hot in China

 Mucci Farms is claiming the title as first Canadian grower to ship greenhouse-grown cucumbers from Canada to China. The Kingsille, Ontario-based grower made the shipment to a well-known Chinese distributor, Lantao, in April 2015. The … [read more]

Growers are racing to automate for efficiency of scale

 Despite greenhouse cucumber prices drifting 30 per cent lower than last year, that reality is not dousing the enthusiasm of Louis Chibante. The owner of Golden Acre Farms will be showcasing his 21-acre, highly automated … [read more]

Global minor use comes into focus in Chicago

 By the time you are reading this, the first Global Minor Use priority setting meeting will be history. It is a momentous event in that more than 30 countries will have submitted their pest control … [read more]

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