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Strawberries for Thanksgiving? Thanks to day-neutral varieties, brothers Jeff (left) and Dan Tigchelaar have built a 35-acre business that markets the sweet-tasting globes from as early as May 5 to whenever October frosts tarnish the plants. This year’s cooler summer temperatures have aided continuous blooming at their Vineland, Ontario farm. Photos by Glenn Lowson.

Thanks to California genetics, strawberries are in season

 Vineland, Ontario – If there was ever a story of genetics saving an industry, day-neutral strawberries are a stellar case history. When the University of California-Davis released the Albion cultivar in 2004, enterprising Ontario growers planted a few acres in the hopes of replicating the success of the Beatles’ song: … [read more]

Southern Potato Company’s rebranding is more than a new logo

 Third-generation farmers Marlon and Jeremy Kuhl are hitting their stride with the rebranding of Southern Manitoba Potato Company Limited. The Winkler, Manitoba-based company which farms 6,500 acres of potatoes, wheat, canola and soybeans is now known simply as “Southern Potato.” After 10 years in their respective roles -- Marlon … [read more]

Canadian produce industry on verge of losing preferential status in U.S. markets

 Canadian fresh fruit and vegetable suppliers will soon lose preferential status when exporting to the United States, if the Canadian government fails to follow through on their commitment under the Canada-U.S. Regulatory Cooperation Council says … [read more]

Canada’s produce chain contributes $11.4 billion to economy

 Canada’s produce industry doesn’t get the publicity it merits considering that the sector contributed $4.8 billion in real direct Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2013. That economic footprint increased to $11.4 billion in GDP when … [read more]

Competitiveness is the order of the day

 For the survival of horticulture in Ontario, it is essential that growers, industry and government focus on how to compete. Competitiveness is made up of many different aspects, some of which are in the … [read more]

Researchers must work hard to make Canadians “science smart”

 The research community constantly wrings its hands about whether it’s reaching the Canadians who support science…including those who benefit from it, such as farmers. The concern is warranted. The overwhelming majority of research funding in Canada … [read more]

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