The 4-H pledge that’s been used for more than a century is now cognizant of global linkages. The last line reads…For my club, my community, my country, and my world.

The Canadian Horticultural Council has published its latest video about Jamaican Kevin Thomas. It’s a poignant story of how seasonal work in Canada pays for life-saving medication for his son who has sickle cell anemia. The twist? Thomas’ wife offers the testimonial.

Warrior strawberry variety, photo by Hector Amezcua/UC Davis

The public Strawberry Breeding Program at the University of California, Davis, has released five new varieties. Two varieties – Victor and Warrior – are bred for cooler climates from Santa Maria south along California’s coast. 

The 2020 meeting of the federal-provincial-territorial agriculture ministers’ meeting will be hosted in Guelph, Ontario – a hub of agricultural research and organizations. The announcement was made prior to the July 17-19, 2019 meetings in Quebec City.

L-R:  MPP Christine Hogarth; Ontario agriculture minister Ernie Hardeman; Steve Bamford, Toronto Wholesale Produce Association; Christy McMullen, chair, Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers.

Uncertainty about the future of the Ontario Food Terminal has been put to rest. Ontario’s agriculture minister Ernie Hardeman announced the government’s commitment to the Etobicoke location at the confluence of several major highways and on the outskirts of downtown Toronto.


No carcinogen warning required on glyphosate label

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is overriding California’s Proposition 65 law that requires warning labels on glyphosate that it is carcinogenic, citing the action as “irresponsible.” Glyphosate is the most commonly used weedkiller in the world.

AXXE broad-spectrum herbicide approved

BioSafe Systems has received approval for foliar spray treatment of a broad range of weeds and grasses in a wide range of crops.

Bayer moves Crop Science HQ to St. Louis

Crop protection giant, Bayer, which bought Monsanto in a mega deal, is moving its crop science headquarters to St. Louis and closing its Research Triangle Park facilities. 

Biological insecticides for greenhouse strawberries

Bioprotec and Dipel biological insecticide labels have been expanded for control of leafrollers on greenhouse strawberries in Canada.

Revised Delegate label

The pre-harvest interval of Delegate insecticide has been amended to one day for bushberries for the control of spotted wing drosophila.

L-R: MP Jatai Sidhu, federal agriculture minister Marie-Claude Bibeau and David Mutz.

Federal ag minister Bibeau went to Abbotsford, the heart of British Columbia’s berry industry, to announce $3.6 million to the Lower Mainland Horticultural Improvement Association. In 2018, the sector generated more than $234 million.

Left to right: Pierre Riel, senior vice president and general manager, Costco Wholesale Eastern Canada; Gino Dorico, district vice president, Costco Wholesale Eastern Canada; Jerry Renda, general manager of Costco St. John’s Warehouse; St. John’s Mayor Danny Breen; Nancy Healey, CEO, St. John’s Board of Trade; Brenda Croke, assistant warehouse manager, Costco St. John’s Warehouse.

One of Canada’s top five grocers has opened its largest warehouse in Canada. It’s a 182,000 square-foot facility in St. John’s, Newfoundland.



  • Chris Duyvelshoff
    AALP Class 18 announced

    The Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program kicks off its Class 18 on September 15. The OFVGA’s Chris Duyvelshoff, crop protection advisor, is one of the 21 emerging leaders accepted to the 19-month course.  

  • The president of Savoura found deceased

    The founder of the Savoura greenhouse tomato brand, Stéphane Roy and his 15-year-old son Justin, were found deceased on July 25 after a helicopter crash in northern Quebec. 

  • Peter Vander Zaag receives award

    Ontario potato breeder and grower, Dr. Peter Vander Zaag, has received an honorary lifetime membership from the Potato Association of America. He has shared his expertise around the world making the tuber a source of stable income in parts of China.

  • Photo courtesy of Town Hall Brands
    Passing of Harry McWatters

    A legendary pioneer in the British Columbia wine industry has passed. Harry McWatters, 74, celebrated many milestones along the way. 

  • Kwik Lok unveils sustainable bag closure

    A new Eco-Lok closure offers the same safety, quality and rigidity as former plastic closures with lower carbon footprint.

  • Latest technology at FutureTEC Zone

    United Fresh 2019 offers a glimpse into the future with a TEC Zone featuring 24 top ag tech start-up companies. One of those is Montreal-based Motorleaf, which uses artificial intelligence to automate harvest yield estimates and disease scouting in tomato and pepper greenhouses. 

  • Tiny package, huge benefit for cherry growers

    Hazel Technologies Inc., based in Salinas, California, has developed a small, biodegradable and food-safe insert to extend the shelf life of a carton of fresh fruit. Now the post-harvest sachet is being launched for one of the most challenging fruits to keep fresh – cherries.

  • Photo courtesy of Eugenia Banks
    Potato common scab research unveils surprising results

    Scabby potatoes are unmarketable. However, molecular technology has determined that the most predominant species in Ontario might be one that could be controlled with cultural practices.

Recent News

Sobeys accepts Foodland Ontario awards

Two Foodland Retailer Awards acknowledge outstanding displays of fruits and vegetables at the Sobeys #685 store in Kitchener, Ontario. 

BC cherries funded for new export markets

Federal funding of $241,000 will be matched by industry to spur diversification of British Columbia’s cherry export markets. South Korea is one such target. 

Record crowd for Triggs Lecture Series

Vaughn Bell, senior scientist at the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research, has just finished lectures on disease pressures in grape vineyards in Ontario and British Columbia.

AALP Class 18 announced

The Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program kicks off its Class 18 on September 15. The OFVGA’s Chris Duyvelshoff, crop protection advisor, is one of the 21 emerging leaders accepted to the 19-month course.  

Support for pollinators in wild blueberries

In 2018, Canadian wild blueberry exports accounted for about half of Canada's total fresh and frozen blueberry exports, which totaled $475 million, to 45 countries. The sector will get more federal and provincial support for bee health:  $800,000.

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