ADAMA announces expanded eastern Canadian network

Eastern Canadian growers will have more access to ADAMA crop protection products through select full-service retailers such as Sollio and SynAgri in Quebec, Agriventure and Agromart in Ontario, Cavendish, McCain and Agromart in the Maritimes, the Cohort and AgResource distribution networks as well as many independent retailers across all three regions. 


ADAMA’s focus is working with smaller, more specialized markets to create value, develop unique formulations and offer better service to those often-overlooked acres.


“Large discovery-driven crop protection companies are known to create new products and chemistries first, then find a problem for their solution to solve,” says Cornie Thiessen, general manager of ADAMA Canada. “But ADAMA is different, we take the opposite approach. First, we identify the problem that exists by listening to growers, then we learn by working to find solutions to solve that problem using our substantial toolbox of actives. And ultimately, we deliver growers what they need. We’re confident this unique approach can make a difference for Canadian growers.”


“We believe that local representation and involvement is the only way to truly deliver on our promise and provide our unique and tailored solutions,” says Thiessen. ADAMA’s investment and growth continues in Eastern Canada with the recent addition of Karin Younghans as regional sales manager in September 2020, Drew Thompson as Ontario area business manager (ABM) in March 2021 and additional staff expected in Q2 and Q4 of this year.


Globally, ADAMA has a portfolio of more than 270 active ingredients. 



 Source:  ADAMA March 29, 2021 news release

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Monday, March 29, 2021

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