Cormoran insecticide label expanded

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Canada (ADAMA) has been granted a label expansion for Cormoran insecticide to include control of spotted-wing drosophila in the bushberry crop group (13B), including highbush and lowbush blueberries. 


Cormoran, a new broad-spectrum insecticide with multiple modes of action, had already demonstrated ‘Serious Insect Protection’ during its introductory year in 2020. The label expansion for spotted-wing drosophila control provides additional utility for Canadian fruit and vegetable growers targeting this potentially devastating invasive species. 


Cormoran delivers rapid knockdown of all damaging stages of target insects as well as extended residual control. Cormoran is registered for use on apples, bushberries, including blueberries, brassica vegetables, peppers, potatoes, stone fruit and strawberries as well as alfalfa and sweet corn. 


To learn more, visit or contact your local crop input retailer. Technical and sales support for CORMORAN is provided by Cohort Wholesale.


Contacts are: 519-494-9300 


Or 519-831-5207


Source:  Cohort Wholesale January 18, 2021 news release

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Monday, January 18, 2021

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