Miravis fungicide labels expanded

Syngenta Canada has announced key additions to the Miravis fungicide product lineup on January 11, 2021.


Previously registered in several vegetable crops, Miravis Duo can now help potato growers safeguard quality and yield against early blight, in addition to several other diseases.


At the core of Miravis Duo is ADEPIDYN fungicide along with difenoconazole (Group 3), which provides an added layer of protection and built-in resistance management.


Depending on their geography, potato growers can expect to make multiple in-season applications of a fungicide specifically targeting early blight. With every application of Miravis Duo, growers can also control brown spot while protecting against Botrytis and white mould. Ongoing changes to the use pattern of multi-site fungicides also means a shift from traditional foliar disease management. The broad-spectrum activity of Miravis Duo helps fill this gap and is the only non-chlorothalonil fungicide on the potato market offering activity against Botrytis.


“We believe that Miravis Duo is going to help growers streamline and simplify their spray programs by being able to treat multiple costly threats with one product,” says Janette Stewart, national horticulture marketing lead with Syngenta Canada.


In addition to potatoes, Miravis Duo is now registered in bulb, root and Brassica vegetables, along with ginseng and stone fruits.


In other news, the Miravis Prime fungicide label expansion now encompasses strawberries and highbush blueberries. The product was initially registered in grapes and leafy greens. 


Miravis Prime combines ADEPIDYN® and fludioxonil (Group 12) for built-in resistance management and long-lasting control of key diseases, such as Botrytis fruit rot and Grey mould.


“Berries infected by fruit rot diseases can’t be sold, and decay often takes place during storage and transport,” explains Stewart. “Miravis Prime provides a higher level of in-season disease protection as well as increased berry shelf-life compared to the standard fungicide program.”


For more information about Miravis fungicides, visit Syngenta.ca/Miravis, contact your local Syngenta sales representative, or call the Customer Interaction Centre at 1‑87‑SYNGENTA (1‑877‑964‑3682).



Source: Syngenta Canada January 11, 2021 news release

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