Gowan acquires new active ingredient from Bayer AG

Gowan Crop Protection Limited, an affiliate of Gowan Company, L.L.C., has acquired the global rights from Bayer AG to the active ingredient spirodiclofen. The acquisition includes product registrations and trademarks, including Envidor, Envidor Speed, Ecomite, and related intellectual property and labels. The transaction closed September 1, 2020, although Bayer and Gowan will work together over the next several months to facilitate an orderly transition to maintain quality customer service in all geographies. The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.


Spirodiclofen is an IRAC Group 23 acaricide, which inhibits lipid biosynthesis in a wide spectrum of mites, including the Tetranychidae, Eriophyidae, Tenuipalpidae and Tarsonemidae families. It is active against all life stages of mites, including eggs, nymphs, and female adults, providing both an initial “knockdown” effect as well as excellent residual control. In addition, the product also controls some insect pests such as psylla (Cacopsylla pyri), scale (Lepidosaphes ulmi) and some leafhopper species. Spirodiclofen has active registrations in many markets around the globe, primarily in horticultural crops such as citrus, apples, avocados, grapes, pears, as well as other fruit, vegetable, tree nut, and plantation crops.


Source:  Gowan Company September 1, 2020 news release


Publish date: 
Friday, September 4, 2020

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