Ontario crop protection fruit guides now ready

OMAFRA fruit specialist Erica Pate identifies berry diseases and pests:  Counter clockwise starting with bottom left: anthracnose in strawberries, mummy berry in blueberries, cyclamen mite damage in strawberries and raspberry sawfly damage.

The 2020 growing season is well underway for fruits in Ontario. To help growers, look for free technical advice at the OMAFRA website for Fruit Crop Protection Guides. https://bit.ly/3b9t1li


These are early release drafts of these publications. The final English versions will be posted when ready.


Notably, Publication 360 is now offered as five stand-alone crop publications: 360A Apples, 360B Berries, 360C Grapes, 360D Tender Fruit and 360E Tree Nuts. These publications provide pest control information for the commercial production of fruit crops. Pest management guidelines are presented in a calendar format and some publications include information on integrated pest management, thinning of tree fruit, plant growth regulators and nematodes. Technical information on products is easy to look up in the many tables in this publication.


Download a free copy online.  Print copies of Publication 360A, 360B, 360C, 360D, 360E should be available to order from ServiceOntario Publications in May for $10 each or $35 kit of all five plus shipping and handling.  Order online at Ontario.ca/publications or by phone 1-800-668-9938 Toll-free across Canada. For a complete list of OMAFRA publications visit omafra.gov.on.ca and click on ‘Publications’. Given the current COVID-19 situation, availability of print publications could be delayed.


Source:  Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

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