Vineland issues 2019-2020 report

Since April 2019, CEO Ian Potter has helmed the team at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. The first report card, under his leadership, spans a number of research projects from the two-year-old spinoff company Platform Genetics Inc. to the long-term project of breeding a new apple variety. 


“Over the last few months, it has been both personally and professionally liberating to hear and see the wide range of innovation that Vineland’s scientific, engineering, technical and business teams, with world-class facilities, have supported the Canadian and world horticultural sector,” says Dr. Potter.


One of the success stories is the two-year-old spinoff company Platform Genetics Inc.  Michael Pautler, research scientist, applied genomics, explains: “Using a technology like deep variant scanning, we can look at a population, for example, of tomato plants and if we know the gene that creates a certain flavour compound causing consumers to dislike it, we can selectively omit 
that gene so we’re getting rid of what consumers dislike and make it something they like.”


The apple breeding project is a long-term quest for a new Canadian apple variety.  The target date for first release from Vineland’s research farm for wide-scale commercial plantings is 2027.


Another mission is for at least two predatory insects or mites that could be biocontrols in greenhouses.     


For the full report, go here:


Source:  Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

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Monday, November 18, 2019

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