First Fruit Logistica start-up day

PATS indoor drone

The entrepreneurial spirit will be in full force at the Fruit Logistica Start-up Day being hosted in Berlin on February 8, 2019.  Fruit Logistica is an annual event and trade show that encompasses the entire spectrum of the fresh fruit and vegetable sector. Last year Fruit Logistica provided exposure for 3,239 exhibitors from 84 countries and 78,000 visitors. 


Here are three new technologies in the wings: 


1. The progress in digital transformation is also being exploited by the Dutch AgTech start-up PATS Indoor Drone Solutions. Small drones autonomously attack flying insects and pests. With this solution, harmful insects, such as moths, are detected and eliminated. This prevents further spread of the pest, reduces the need for (bio) insecticides, and minimizes the work involved in plant protection.


2. Reducing the workload is also one of the objectives of supply chain management. ImpactVision, an American start-up, helps companies increase produce consistency and automate quality control by using hyperspectral imaging technology to non-invasively detect properties such as freshness, ripeness or pH, and the presence foreign objects in real-time. At the same time, it optimises the transport process.


3. Sparrows, a New Zealand start-up, also focuses on optimizing transport operations. The company combines powerful software and robust hardware to offer customers better visibility, transparency and control over the supply chain. The devices are attached directly to the shipment, not the vehicle, so the customer can access real-time location and temperature data while goods are in transit.



Click here to view the 20 start-ups presenting on February 8.  


Source:  Fruit Logistica January 24, 2019 news release

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