Tender fruit and fresh grape funding

The federal government has pledged more than $475,000 for the Ontario Tender Fruit Growers and Fresh Grape Growers to improve fruit quality and availability of varieties that will tickle the palates of consumers. 


The research project aims to improve Canadian tender fruits -- such as apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, and pears -- by extending the growing season and storability. The project will also study black knot disease in plums and develop new tender fruit and fresh grape varieties. The technical results of the research will be shared with the Canadian tree fruit and fresh grape sectors.


This initiative, announced on August 22, is funded through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership’s AgriScience Program.


“This collaboration is a long-term commitment from growers, researchers at University of Guelph and Vineland Research and Innovation Centre to bring new varieties of locally grown fruit to consumers across Canada,” said Phil Tregunno, chair, Ontario Tender Fruit Growers. “These partnerships have resulted in new growth opportunities that not only provide benefit for family farms, but also all of our partners, including marketers, retailers and nurseries. We extend our appreciation to Agriculture and Agri -Food Canada for this funding.”


In 2018, the farmgate value for tender fruit and table grapes in Ontario totalled more than $66 million and more than $4 million respectively, for a combined total of more than  $71 million. More than 91 per cent of this fruit is sold through fresh-market sales. 


Source:  Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada August 22, 2019 news release

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

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