Stokes Seeds acquires Siegers Seed Company

Onion seedlings, photo courtesy of Bridget Visser.

The consolidation trend among crop protection companies has now moved to the seed sector. Two seed companies with century-old legacies are now under the Stokes Seeds banner.


Stokes Seeds has acquired Siegers Seed Company, retaining its employees and continuing operations from the Michigan, Georgia and Florida locations. The ongoing 2019-2020 sales season will be a transition year with primary focus on customer service. Siegers Seed Company customers can expect the same level of service, provided by the same staff, from the same facilities according to the January 6, 2020 news release.


The acquisition combines two organizations that have each operated for more than 100 years in the vegetable seed industry. Stokes Seeds will now serve commercial growers from five U.S. locations in Buffalo, NY, Vineland, NJ, Holland, MI, Moultrie, GA and LaBelle, FL. Stokes Seeds expanded U.S. area now includes the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Mid- South and Southeast. Eighteen territory managers will serve growers with the best seed prescriptions to meet their production and profit goals.


Stokes Seeds is a leading distributor of commercial vegetable seed in the United States and Canada, with operations in Ontario, Canada, Buffalo, NY, Vineland, NJ, Holland, MI, Moultrie, GA and LaBelle, FL. With 25 experienced territory managers, exciting new varieties from world-class vendors and exceptional customer service, Stokes Seeds continues to be the seed supplier of choice for growers across North America.


For more information, contact Stokes Seeds at 800.263.7233 or


Source:  Stokes Seeds January 6, 2020 news release

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Monday, January 6, 2020

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