Ontario VQA sports new logo

In the midst of fall grape harvest, the Wine Marketing Association of Ontario (WMAO) has partnered with Ontario’s Wine Appellation Authority to reveal a new VQA logo.  This is the emblem used by Ontario VQA wineries to communicate origin, quality and authenticity.  


The design preserves VQA brand equity in both domestic and export markets while refreshing the look for the changing consumer landscape for wine.


The new VQA logo has been integrated into the ‘Tastes Untamed’ TV, digital and print ads and can also be seen in LCBO stores as part of the ‘Bring Local Home’ fall promotion now running until Thanksgiving. This promotion highlights the local wine community and focuses on the positive economic impact of purchasing local Ontario VQA wines. Consumers may start seeing this logo on wine bottles immediately, as several early-adopter wineries have added it to labels set to be released in the fall of 2019.


Source:  Wine Marketing Association of Ontario

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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

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  • anon
    Ivan Stephen (not verified)

    Will it do a better job of helping people to identify a locally-produced wine (meaning from locally-grown grapes, not locally-blended from foreign content). I doubt it. Since VQA's inception, I have chatted with many wine drinkers (over a thousand, actually), and I would say that the majority of them are quite weak in their awareness of VQA, or think that International - Canadian blends are also VQA. The LCBO, Peller, and Arterra certainly don't help, as their signage is unclear or nonexistent regarding the differences between the VQA and ICB categories. Let's see a campaign which clearly explains VQA. Better yet: put clear signage into the stores where shoppers can directly relate it to what they are considering buying.

    Oct 04, 2019

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