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Springtime means the start of another growing season with orchards and vineyards coming out of dormancy in most regions. Getting an early start on managing common diseases that severely impact the marketability of fruit and the health of the trees and vines will result in a strong finish at the end of the season. 

When it comes to managing diseases, proactivity is the best approach you can take. Fungicide applications should be made prior to disease infection to control key diseases in fruit. Getting in early with fungicide treatments will help you get ahead of the most common diseases, from rust and scab in apples to downy mildew and black rot in grapes.

“If not treated properly, spring disease pressures can take a toll on an orchard or vineyard,” says Tony Dalgliesh, Canada Marketing Portfolio Manager, UPL. “The best thing growers can do is get out there with a fungicide they can rely on for consistent protection. That’s MANZATE® MAX.”



Adding a trusted fungicide like MANZATE MAX to your spring application will provide broad-spectrum control of some of the most devastating diseases. With its multi-site protectant (FRAC M3), MANZATE MAX has remained a tried-and-true fungicide for Canadian growers looking to protect their crops from disease pressure. The liquid formulation contains mancozeb and zinc ion.



     New, easy-to-use liquid formulation 

     For use on potatoes, fruits and vegetable crops

     Multi-site protectant fungicide (FRAC M3)

     Reduces selection pressure to minimize development of resistance


Mancozeb, the active ingredient in MANZATE MAX, is one of the most economical, broad-spectrum fungicides. Because it is a multi-site fungicide, there is a low risk of diseases developing resistance. Registered in apples and grapes, as well as potatoes and vegetable crops, MANZATE MAX is a perfect addition to your disease management program. 

Additionally, MANZATE MAX is a participating product in the UPL Grower Rewards Program. Through July 31, 2021, growers can earn cash rebates when they purchase MANZATE MAX and other participating products. To learn if your purchase qualifies for a cash rebate, visit



When it comes to crop protection, growers know not to leave anything to chance. UPL AgroSolutions Canada is proud to offer some of the most trusted names in crop protection for the Canadian horticulture market, and our roster is growing. Our portfolio now includes dependable fungicides, insecticides, miticides, herbicides, biosolutions, plant growth regulators and a bactericide made for a variety of crops including potatoes, grapes, berries, pome fruit and stone fruit. 

With UPL, you can grow confidently, knowing you have the tools you need for a healthy harvest. Year after year, growers renew their commitment to grow and deliver the best produce. UPL is here to help growers achieve their production goals with some of the best crop protection tools. To learn more about MANZATE MAX, talk to your local UPL representative or retailer, or visit

Publish date: 
Saturday, May 1, 2021

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