Less red tape for fairs

If new legislation passes in the Ontario legislature, agricultural fairs and horticultural organizations would have flexibility and financial savings by removing the requirement to both mail and publish notices of annual meetings. The estimated reduction in costs for all organizations could be more than $100,000 per year.


Modernization of the Agricultural and Horticultural Organizations Act includes the removal of outdated requirements that don't apply to other not-for-profit organizations, such as requiring treasurers to give security for loss or for board members to be personally liable for loss. The proposed changes would not impact government grants nor tax exemptions available to agricultural and horticultural organizations.


Due to the current legislation, many agricultural organizations in towns without a local paper are forced to publish notices of annual meetings. 


Details of the legislation are here:  http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/rural/returns/aghort.htm


Source: OMAFRA October 3, 2019 news release

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

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