Free webinar series on Internet marketing

Peter Chapman,, is hosting a new webinar series about Internet marketing. The series will kick off June 3 at 1 pm EST and continue every Wednesday throughout the month.


The topics are: 


June 3- Website, SEO, Google Analytics and Google AdWords 

Websites, search engine optimization, Google Analytics and Google AdWords are all fundamental to the foundation of your strategy. We will explore what they are and how to use them effectively. 


June 10- Building a community 

Consider creating an online community. These are your people; they are interested in your products and they should be the most likely to buy. You can create processes that are automated to build this community and cultivate them to be your biggest advocates. 


June 17- Social media advertising

More people are spending more time on social media platforms than ever. Some are better than others for food and it also depends on your target market and your products. It is work and it can be very effective when it is done right. 


June 24- Influencers 

Influencers are just that! They influence their followers in many categories; food and beverage are one. Consumers are looking for recommendations and this is one way to remove some of the barriers to purchase.  


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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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