Farmers markets get set for the 2019 season

Farmers’ markets in Ontario are booming.  Shoppers, farmers and communities all love them for the activity and economics they generate, rejuvenating local downtowns and community spirit.


Farmers’ Markets Ontario is the industry association that offers one-stop expertise on all aspects of healthy, sustainable market operations. Their members number about 180 across the province. Catherine Clark, executive director, reports that new member markets are welcomed at Providence Bay, Hanover, Bright’s Grove and Kanata. 


With more than a million Ontarians shopping at local farmers’ markets, sales exceed $600 million annually. Their total economic impact is estimated at $1.8 billion according to the association. For farmers who sell at markets, revenues average 33 per cent of their total earnings, and with no middleman, cash sales and low shipping costs, it’s not surprising that farmers love them too.


Source: Farmers’ Markets Ontario

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Monday, May 20, 2019
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