Execulytics publishes 2021 Produce Almanac

Execulytics has released the third edition of The Produce Almanac, comprising 2020 data and featuring cost predictions for every commodity for every week calculated using the Execulytics Produce Moneyball algorithm. 


This edition encompasses the entire produce marketplace, from the perspective of both produce buyer and produce seller.  Key features include:


-  Exclusive cost predictions by week for 2021 

-  5-year weekly cost histories

-  Organic premiums versus conventional

-  Year over year retail prices by week


“Throughout last year I received great feedback on our 2020 cost predictions -- we just had to make that a signature part of the new Produce Almanac,”said Mike Mauti, managing partner of Execulytics. “Now produce professionals can plan their programs using predicted costs determined by a sophisticated algorithm. This is going to be better than just using last year's cost alone.”


The analysis identifies promotional opportunities throughout the season, when specific commodities may be low in volume. 


To purchase the 2021 Produce Almanac, visit: www.execulytics.ca/Produce-Almanac.


Source:  Execulytics January 25, 2021 news release

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Monday, January 25, 2021

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