EU decision on fruit imports

The European Union’s (EU) decision to halt imports of fruits on September 1 is not specific to Canada but all countries. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is working with the EU to propose pest risk mitigation measures which may allow exports to resume. 


The EU’s measures include apples, cranberries, blueberries, potatoes and other fruits. For industries such as British Columbia’s cherries, the effects are nil because the 2019 growing season is over. However, there may be some minor effects for other crops. Any dried or frozen fruits, such as Maritime wild blueberries, are not affected.  


Sea containers which are en route to Europe with export certificates dated before September 1 will not be affected.


“CFIA successfully uses a system approach for trade with other countries, and is well equipped to establish a systems approach for fruit exports with the European Union,” said federal agriculture minister Marie-Claude Bibeau. 


The majority of Canada’s fruit exports are to the United States. In the EU, Poland and German are the primary destinations for Canadian fruit. This latest news underlines the importance of diversified trade and keeping channels open.   


Source:  Reuters 

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Monday, August 26, 2019

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