The Drive Away Hunger campaign aims for 20M meals

In 2021, the Drive Away Hunger campaign hopes to collect food and cash donations equivalent to the cost of providing 20 million meals to hungry Canadians. 


Thanks to a $150,000 donation from Farm Credit Canada (FCC), Moisson Montréal is now using a new fruit and vegetable bagging line that allows Canada’s largest food bank to accept unprecedented volumes of surplus fruits and vegetables from producers for distribution to people and families in need. This was also made possible through the partnership of Bonduelle, a leader in providing naturally preserved, ready-to-use vegetables, and Drive Away Hunger partner.


“Food banks have told us how Drive Away Hunger has transformed their ability to feed hungry families and we think we can do even more to help,” said FCC president and CEO Michael Hoffort, in announcing plans for the 18th edition of Drive Away Hunger.


“FCC has the national reach to bring Canada’s agriculture and food industry together like never before for a cause that is close to all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us there’s a very fine line between those who have the means to pay for food and those who don’t, since personal situations can rapidly change,” Hoffort said. “Whether our partners are growing, producing, processing or distributing food, we see an opportunity for them to help us replenish the shelves in food banks in both rural and urban communities.” 


Along with raising money and food for Canadian food banks, FCC is once again contributing $200,000 to support food programs at 200 schools selected by FCC offices across Canada based on need. 


Cash and food donations can be made online at



Source:  Farm Credit Canada October 12, 2021 news release

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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

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