Chikara herbicide for vineyards

Belchim Crop Protection Canada has announced the introduction of a new herbicide available for use in vineyards across Canada. 


Chikara is a broad-spectrum, systemic and residual herbicide. The active ingredient, flazasulfuron, will provide both post-emergence and pre-emergence (soil residual) control of key annual and perennial weeds and grasses including clovers, chickweed, dandelion, foxtail, sowthistles, nutsedge, groundsel, common mallow and ryegrass. 


Belchim Canada product manager Nigel Buffone noted, “Chikara is effective in low concentrations and can provide season-long residual control which is a great benefit to grape producers.” 


CHIKARA is available as a water dispersible granule (WG) in 6 x 404 gram packaging that is easy to mix and convenient to use. 


For more information contact Belchim Crop Protection Canada at or 866- 613-3336.



Source:  Belchim Crop Protection March 25, 2019 news release


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Monday, March 25, 2019

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