Changing farm behaviors for safety

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association is hosting its annual conference October 20 and 21, bringing together experts in farm safety and health to discuss issues that impact farmers, farm families, farm workers and farming communities across Canada.


The conference will focus on Changing Behaviours, Emergency Preparedness and Culture Change. On October 20, conference speakers will discuss the cultural dimensions of agricultural safety, barriers to behaviour change and how to collaborate and influence through leadership. 


October 21 will start with discussions on emergencies, including emergency preparedness, a look at STARS rural emergency responses, a program highlight involving firefighters delivering agriculture safety and health and CASA’s adaptation of this program.



 In addition, speakers will talk about what farmers are saying about safety and health culture, what organizations are doing to make safety a value and finally how risk on the farm impacts culture and how this information can lead to a new thinking about farm health and safety.


“By focusing on behaviours, emergencies and culture, CASA is working on bringing more knowledge on issues that have immediate and serious impacts on farm operations,” says Andrea Lear, CASA’s Chief Executive Officer. “The experts presenting at the conference are leaders in their fields and will give participants a unique understanding and insight on farm safety and health issues.”


For more information, including agenda, biographies and to register for “Safety is our Standard” virtual conference, visit



Source:  Canadian Agricultural Safety Association October 13, 2021 news release

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