Canadian spud production not enough to meet demand

Statistics Canada has estimated Canadian potato production in 2019 to be up by 2.4 per cent or 2,472,000 cwt above the five-year average in Canada. With demand growing for potato products, growers planted an additional 3.7 per cent or 13,000 acres in the spring of 2019 to meet those expansion requirements.


Unfortunately, poor harvest conditions, particularly in western Canada, nipped those expectations. Farmers abandoned the harvest of 20,296 acres. This is the second consecutive year of bitter returns after an early winter resulted in 18,049 unharvested acres from Prince Edward Island to British Columbia in 2018.


Manitoba was particularly hard hit with an October 10 winter storm that resulted in 13,000 acres abandoned in the field. That’s a heavy burden after losing 5,300 acres in 2018. 


Overall, Canadian potato yields of 312 cwt per acre in 2019 are slightly better than last year’s 310 cwt per acre.


Province by province details are available here:

Source:  United Potato Growers of Canada December 6, 2019 news release

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Monday, December 9, 2019

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