Canadian Greenhouse Conference is 40 years old

Registation is now open for the Canadian Greenhouse Conference at


One of the most well attended sessions is always Vegetable Production – Lighting. 

Dr. Xiuming Hao, based in Harrow, Ontario, will discuss a newly discovered strategy which allows for injury-free production of greenhouse tomatoes with 24-h (continuous) lighting. Hao will also discuss proper climate control and crop management strategies under various light sources and the development a year-round greenhouse pepper production system that has achieved very high yield.


Those who are growing strawberries in greenhouses will be interested in the talk “Fert-Irrigation of soft fruit in substrate” by Eric Boot, BVB Substrates. Growing soft fruit in substrate instead of traditional soil needs a different approach in irrigation, with the most attention paid to the circumstances created at root level.  Find out more about irrigation and fertigation. 


This year’s bus tour will be exploring greenhouses in Essex County the day previous to the conference. The tour details will be released closer to the conference dates.  




Source:  Canadian Greenhouse Conference 

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

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