Big crop predicted for BC blueberries

British Columbia’s 600 blueberry growers are enjoying perfect weather conditions for harvesting what could be a record crop of 172 million pounds. Most of these growers are based in the Fraser Valley, in the Lower Mainland. 


Anju Gill, executive director, BC Blueberry Council, told The Abbotsford News, that the crop could be greater than the 2016 record. But it’s too early to finalize statistics as the late variety Elliott is now being picked.


A mild winter, good pollination in the spring, and a balanced mix of rain and summer sunshine have all contributed to the heavy crop. 


Jack Bates, president of the BC Blueberry Council and a Delta grower, says that final numbers won’t be known until November. However, those packers dealing with frozen blueberries have met their volume targets.


“The late-maturing varieties should provide local fresh markets right into September,” Bates says. 



Source: The Abbotsford News August 15, 2019.   

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Monday, August 19, 2019

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