BC cranberry harvest is half completed

The cranberry harvest is more than 50 per cent complete as of October 21, 2019 and the crop is of a good quality although lower in yields than the bumper crop of 2018.


“Yields are consistent with our expectations,” says Jack Brown, chair of the BC Cranberry Marketing Commission. “The cranberry vines are rebuilding after last year’s top yield and some areas suffered winter damage earlier in the year.”


British Columbia has 80 cranberry growers that farm more than 6,300 acres (2549 ha) of cranberries.  About 95 per cent of BC’s growers belong to the Ocean Spray cooperative. 


Nature’s Touch and Pacific Canadian Fruit Packers also purchase BC cranberries and package them as well as freezing, drying and creating other forms of cranberry products for the market.


The BC Cranberry Marketing Commission (BCCMC) has been a part of BC cranberry farming since 1968. The BCCMC supports the industry by providing funding and oversight for research projects designed to respond to issues and improve production especially at BC’s own Research Farm in Delta, BC.  For more information on past research conducted, please visit: www.bccranberries.com



Source:  BC Cranberry Marketing Commission October 21, 2019 news release

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

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