While more difficult and slower to do remotely, Minor Use is making progress this year and there will be priority projects happening at some point from the 2020 list. Columnist Chris Duyvelshoff describes the process for moving forward with research priorities. 

The Better for People, Smarter for Business Act plans to eliminate Ontario’s duplicative and inefficient classification system for crop protection products writes Chris Duyvelshoff.

Despite significant progress on collaboration during new registrations, the re-evaluation process at PMRA or the equivalent registration review at EPA is far from aligned. This was evident at the recent NAFTA Trilateral Working Group meetings in the United States.

It’s a confusing landscape whenprovincial and state governments, along with smaller scientific and regulatory departments, reviewing less extensive datasets, reach opposite conclusions on crop protection products. As columnist Chris Duyvelshoff writes, let the federal agencies handle the file.