If a grower has product with old label instructions for a use that has been removed by a re-evaluation decision which required label amendments, there will be 24 months following that decision before updated label directions must be used.  Columnist Chris Duyvelshoff clarifies timelines for product use.

Several changes in the proposed integrated approach for PMRA re-evaluations should provide for more predictable outcomes, enhanced stakeholder engagement and improved empirical data for risk assessments, including refined grower use information. Columnist Chris Duyvelshoff along with Charles Stevens, chair, OFVGA crop protection section, share the big picture.

While more difficult and slower to do remotely, Minor Use is making progress this year and there will be priority projects happening at some point from the 2020 list. Columnist Chris Duyvelshoff describes the process for moving forward with research priorities. 

The Better for People, Smarter for Business Act plans to eliminate Ontario’s duplicative and inefficient classification system for crop protection products writes Chris Duyvelshoff.